absent in flesh

That their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love…For though

I am absent in the flesh, yet I am with you in spirit
– Colossians 2

Life has slowed down considerably for us here. There have been changes in our life before, as a family, that slowed us down. I remember how different our neighborhood looked when we had to walk everywhere because we didn’t have a car. It’s an entirely different experience to go somewhere in the next town, when you have to take the buses and trains. It’s just not possible to cram the day full of activities when travel can’t be rushed. One of my favorite speakers and authors, Elisabeth Elliot, says that we can certainly accomplish everything that God wants us to do in a day and if we are too busy, than our schedule must contain a lot of clutter which God did not intend. It’s difficult to deal with health problems and circumstances that slow us down and force us to watch the world whizzing by us. The temptation is to worry. My brother wrote me an e-mail last week and reminded me to not give in to worry and not to ‘dig up in doubt what we planted in faith’. making us to lie down in green pastures and leading us beside the still waters. It’s here that He restores our souls

I’m sitting here writing just before I head off to bed and I’m looking forward to a peaceful and methodical day tomorrow. I’m listening to the frogs out in the field down by the railroad tracks. I like that sound. I like to watch the birds that have been frequenting our yard these last few weeks since we started putting out birdseed and squirrel corn. There have been too many days in the last few years that I just haven’t had time to pay attention to those things and yet they go on day after day without my help. Just like the way the kids are growing up. Whether we pay attention or not, they will continue to grow and eventually move on into adulthood.



  1. I really needed that. I remember when one of our two cars broke down and I was left without transportation for a good two months. And those two months were really good. Less was expected of me and I got a whole lot more accomplished. So true!

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