School Supplies!


I love school supplies/office supplies, but this year we are on a tight budget and all I could afford was a bunch of the 10 cent spiral notebooks.  I would really like to get all of those things that I think are called Totally Tools.  They’re like scrapbooking tools for school.  ANYWAY, I found that the spiral notebooks by themselves are going to work out greeeaaat!!!  We are going to use the notebooking technique of filling a notebook with info about one subject or book study.  The kids are covering the spiral notebook covers with magazine page cut-outs that they glue on with glue stick and then tape over with packing tape.  We’ve already started a math notebook, a language notebook, a Phillipians inductive bible study notebook, a science notebook and a history notebook.  Inside the cover, they will list reading materials, articles, tapes, CD’s, DVD’s and shows that pertain to the subject matter and have been read, listened to or viewed by them. 

I’m excited!  The possibilities are endless…


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