News from the Newspaper girl…Episode 2

Last night was my toughest night of the week: The Sunday Paper!  Headlines plus four inserts to be skillfully put together while I drive from box to box, driveway to driveway.  I used to put them together all at once, before I started out on my route, but then they slide all over the car and come apart and aggravate me, terribly.  Ya gotta have a system!  I worked it out beautifully in my van, but if I ever had any other kind of car, it wouldn’t work out at all.  I learn so many practical things from the stuff God gives me to do.  I need to work, so here I am delivering papers and he’s teaching me about being on time and working hard…waking up early (reeeallly early), organizing my time, making the most of brief moments. 

Anyway, I see God in the most mundane, unspiritual times.

A funny thing happened this morning.  Well, actually it was funny and yet sad at the same time.  I pulled up to the newspaper box at the nursing home and through the glass doors, I could see one of the residents wheeling her wheelchair up to the door.  She began to open it when a nurse saw what was happening and she ran over and grabbed the lady’s wheelchair.  She spun her around and pushed her in the other direction about 10 feet or so and then walked away from the wheelchair while it was still rolling into the middle of the large reception room. 


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