Frosty Morning News From the Paper Girl…

This morning, the frost was on the pumpkin!

One of the store clerks told me this morning that she would never want my job, because it’s just too darn cold.  Since I was born and raised in Chicago, a little frost doesn’t faze me.  When my kids were little and we lived in a Chicago suburb, I drove a schoolbus for 4 years.  Many times, when it was 40 below zero,  I got my kids up before dawn and bundled them up to sit in a cold car, only to have to climb on a cold schoolbus a few minutes later.  I’ll take Kentucky "cold" anytime.

After the sun came up today, I could see the fog hanging over fields and ponds.  A deer was strolling through downtown, before there was much traffic.  I finished my route and I’m sitting here at the computer waiting for my kids to get ready.  We’re going out for a walk.  I would like them to be up by 6am and ready to walk, 6 days a week, all winter long.  It’s good for us, I’m sure.  I think we let things get just a little too cushy when we don’t HAVE TO get up and go to school or plow the fields or shovel the driveway or cook for the troops. 



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