BIBLE: The epistle of James – Nov. 2007 – Week 1

  • Pray – That the Spirit would teach you through the reading & studying of God’s word,daily
  • Read – James, completely through daily
  • Write – 6 verses daily, M-F, in notebook
  • Memorize & recite – 6 verses daily, M-F…or 4 verses daily, M-Su

We use basic spiral notebooks for all of our subjects.  At the beginning of the schoolyear, they are 10 cents each at the store.  We buy a case of them. 

For the month of November, we will use one whole notebook:

 The first 31 pages are marked as daily agenda pages. 

  • the front of the very first sheet in the notebook (page 1) will say "November 2007" written right in the middle of the page. 
  • Turn the page…The left hand page (page 2), which is the back of page 1, is for a daily journal entry, notes and prayer list for "November 1, 2007….Thursday"
  • Then on the right hand page (page 3) at the top, we write, "November 1, 2007….Thursday" 
  • Still on page 3,  the page is divided in half by a vertical line and the left side is "to do" and the right side is "schedule and appointments" 
  • Repeat these instructions, adapting them for every day in November

After every day in November is accounted for in the first part of the notebook, we write out the book of James in long hand on the pages at the back of the spiral notebook.  We skip every other line, so we can make notations.

We started this project in September with the book of Philippians.  The kids dragged their feet with writing it out long hand, and it took 2 months, but when I gave them a deadline to finish by the end of October,  it really felt like an accomplishment when they got done last night.  My 11yo even wrote me a note to say how much he appreciated being "forced" to write it out.  I participated in this as well, using a small notebook that I keep in my purse.  I posted pics of how the pages look.  This time, we’re going to confine it to the month of November and we’re dividing the writing up daily, instead of leaving it open-ended.


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