The Dying Art of Thinking

The Dying Art of Thinking by Ravi Zacharias ;  It’s not a long article, but it’s very good and I’m reposting it to encourage you to read it if you haven’t already.

Have you ever read books or articles or heard a speaker who really made you have to think and ponder and try to wrap your mind around difficult concepts?  There are a few authors and bible scholars that really challenge my mind to chew on the meat of God’s word.  Recently, I heard someone on the radio say that “food for thought requires a mind with teeth”.  When I think about the kinds of things we watch on TV or read or listen to regularly, I’d be surprised if our minds had any teeth left at all!

My hope in posting the bible studies each weekday, is not to offer only a quick daily bible reading, although it can be that.  I want to offer more than just a taste or snack, but instead encourage you to feast on God’s word.  It’s rich and deep and will challenge you beyond the bounds of your current thinking.


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