After the storm…

The storm hit a week ago.  We had been trying to get ready for our trip and the TV was off.  I cleaned out the van, while I enjoyed the balmy evening and as a few drops of rain fell, I finished the job and went inside.  I sat down to rest for a bit and we turned on the TV at about 7:45.  We saw the storm warnings and not 10 minutes later our power went out.  It was only out for 2 minutes, but I went in the backyard just in time to see the funnel cloud and hear the roar.  Our home and the homes around us were not damaged, but the tornado hit a subdivision less than a mile from here.  It also did considerable damage all around the county.  My uncle told me today that over 300 people are without homes.

We left town on Wednesday morning, after trying to see the damage that was done.  We were blocked from going into any of those areas.  We could see trees down and an overturned car in a ditch, but we didn’t hear many details until a few days later.  When we came home, we went by our church.  The building took a beating, but the pastor’s family is safe.  The above picture was taken by the pastor’s son.  The sign says it all. 


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