Airborne!!! (or Natural Remedies – Part 2)

Never fear, makers of Airborne!  I WILL NOT request a refund for the many, many packages of Airborne that I purchased.  I was one of your biggest investors for awhile.  And who is that guy that the media keeps quoting saying, "It just doesn’t work"?  Well, it has worked for our family for a long time.  You have to use it at the very thought of a cold, and it DOES work.  It might not work as well if you eat twinkies for breakfast (sorry Eddy) or ride around all day drinking 44oz big gulps.  I currently have Airborne in the cabinet that I use for our 7yo along with Dannon Activia yogurt any time he is ill.  They work great together.  He may stay sick for 24 hours, but after that he’s up and at ’em, making a name for himself around here, and he hasn’t needed antibiotics since he was 2.  We adults have switched to Supermom and Superdad daily supplements from (See my links to the right) We use those and Tummy Tune-ups to keep us healthy.  All of these supplements boost your immune system, but I’ll tell you what will sink it right back down…a cruddy diet.  Every time I drink more than a few ounces of anything containing high fructose corn syrup, my sinuses let me know.  So, put down that twinkie and coke and go grab some plain water, (Not Vitamin Water…have you read the ingredients?), a few slices of cheese, a hard-boiled egg, some broccoli…


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