Book Review – Life Of Fred – Fractions


This is actually a preliminary review, since we’re not very far into the book yet.   We purchased the first book in the math series by Stanley Schmidt, PhD.  These books can be found and purchased at Polka Dot Publishing, for which I also have a banner link in my "Math" section in the right hand column. 

So far, I am very impressed with this book.  Our 11yo started Algebra 1 recently, and he said he was so thrilled that I bought Life of Fred-Fractions, because the main area in which he is struggling in algebra is fractions.  He has squirreled away the book in his "office", and he said he’s loving it.  I read some of it to Headmaster Mark, (our Schoolhouse principal extraordinaire), skipping around to parts that looked interesting.  There’s more in there than just math and I’m excited about Dr. Schmidt’s teaching philosophy, as it reflects my own.  I’ve been ‘dismissed’ over my teaching philosophy in the past, but the proof is in the pudding…I don’t know if my kids would like to be compared to pudding, but it sounds a lot more appetizing than saying, "The proof is in the standardized test scores".



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