John 3

Yesterday when I wrote in my journal, I wrote 2 pages full of prayer to God.  I haven’t done that in a long time.  My journal entries have been sparse and brief.  I’ve felt hindered somehow, like pushing a wagon full of bricks on soft, wet ground.  My words felt heavy and useless and my prayers stunted and dragging.  So, I wrote about it in my journal, telling God all of my frustrations.

This morning, I was looking for a useable notebook in a large stack of notebooks in the schoolroom.  I found one with only a few pages used.  I tore them out and read them.  They were notes I had taken from a radio message given by John MacArthur on prayer, some time ago.   How funny God is sometimes.  The notes were laid out in 12 excellent statements, and I will address one each day we do a chapter reading in John. 

The first statement is a quote by Charlotte Elliot:

 "Christian seek not yet repose, watch and pray"

So, I looked up Charlotte Elliot.  Check out the article in this link: Just As You Are



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