The Scottish Metrical Psalter

I just found the coolest thing!  Well, it’s cool to me.  It’s at this link:

Scottish Metrical Psalter

A few years ago, I had stumbled on a website with Scottish Psalm singing that I really enjoyed, here.  I enjoyed it, because I like to listen to acapella singing, and I am always moved by the sound of church congregational acapella singing. When I heard this however, I realized that I was hearing the source and inspiration of our old southern gospel hymns and bluegrass music. Click on the link on the page to listen to Psalm 104 at Kilmarnock, in Gaelic. Haunting. Beautiful.

Now, let me tell you why I like the Scottish Metrical Psalter site so much…First of all, I really like the psalms written in this quaint, poetical form, and the history behind the tradition of singing them.  Secondly, having access to them in this online format is really a blessing. The Psalms are all listed on the site I have linked, in the left-hand, scrollable margin and an explanation of the site is narrated on the right side, but the most fascinating part for me is if you scroll down to the bottom of the right part of the page and click on the link that says ” The Workshop”, another scrollable margin will appear on the right with scads of tunes that you can sample and choose from to use with any of the psalms.  For example,  “Amazing Grace” is sung to a tune called “New Britain”, and I have heard the words sung to two other tunes before, but I like this format on the site to allow the singer to mix and match from such a wide variety right there in one place.

Try this yourself!

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