A Snapshot of School for our 15yo

Emilee -15yo- 10th grade – Courses (Mostly Self-Directed)
  • LA – Public Speaking – Storytelling
  • LA – Creative Writing – Igniting Your Writing, Story by Robert McKee 
  • Elec. – Drama – A Christmas Carol, The Legend of Pocahontas
  • Math Algebra 1 – Teaching Textbooks , LOF Fractions
  • Math – Finance: Opened checking account w/ debit card
  • For. Lang – Intro to languages (Gaelic, German, Latin, Greek, French, Spanish)
  • Foreign Language: Latin for Beginners
  • SS – History & Geography: US States & Capitals, photojournaling
  • SS – Civics: KY State & US government
  • Tech. – Computer – HTML, web design & blogging
  • Elec. – Art – Digital photography and photo editing, Teaching drawing to a small class
  • Elec. – Bible – Phillipians, James, Galatians, Gospel of John
  • LA – Literature – Author studies: Poe, Dickens, Phillip Pullman
  • LA – Reading:  All reading self directed.  Emilee chooses fantasy, mysteries & classics
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking : Mythbusters, Mystery gaming software
  • Science:  Anatomy textbook reading, The New Answers Book Online by Ken Ham, Biographies: Louis Pasteur & John James Audubon 
  • Elec. – Ministry: Music & multimedia for Celebrate Recovery ministry
  • Elec. – Music:  Rod and Staff: Beginning in Music
  • PE: Mile walk/run, Tae Kwon Do, Resistance Training, National President’s Challenge
  • Elec. – Home Ec: Cooking & Baking

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