A Snapshot of School for our 6yo

Derek – 6yo – 1st Grade – Subjects
  • LA – Reading & Writing: Rod & Staff, Anabaptist Bookstore, Pathway Readers ( I love these by the way.  I have taught all of my kids to read with these)
  • BibleRead With Me Bible
  • Science: Mythbusters, Animal Planet, Survivorman
  • Art: Drawing, Clay, Playdough, Painting
  • Math: Sorting toys & other objects by color, size, type, etc. Adding and Subtracting (NO worksheets…no, no, no)
  • LA – Narration: Derek narrates or dictates a story to me or Ryan or Emilee and we write it for him.  He draws the pictures.  He may even sound-record it.
  • Hist. – Photo Journaling: We take pictures and have them developed to put in Derek’s photo album.  He loves this.
  • PE: Tae Bo, Tae Kwon Do, Walk/Run, National President’s Challenge

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