Photo Opportunities


This picture was taken by Emilee at one of the side doors outside the Art Institute in Chicago.  We are always looking for photo opportunities when we’re carrying the camera.  Some photo enthusiasts are skilled at using their photoshop software, but we don’t have that right now.  It would be nice, but it’s a little out of our price range…so is an updated and more professional version of a digital camera!  But we continue to carry around our Sony Cybershot that we bought 4 years ago.  It still works great, although we can’t seem to find a memory stick with more memory to fit this camera anymore.  We just use the 128mb stick we’ve had since we first bought the camera.  The main strategy we use in taking pictures is to look at our surroundings with an artistic eye.  It also helps to be overly dramatic, patient and adventurous.  We’ve pulled off the side of the road many times, after saying, "Wow!  That would make a great picture!"

This is what we call "photo journaling" as one of our school subjects.  It has made everything we do more memorable.



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