New Start



I was going to start blogging again on September 1st.  The calendar was supposed to be clear, we were supposed to be settled into our new house and I was supposed to be all ready to start school on September 2.  We started school, but we weren’t ready.  We have boxes everywhere and we’re unpacking as quickly as we can, but every box that is opened creates new decisions and dilemmas.  I knew I had a lot of books, but  really didn’t realize I had this many.  And I don’t need school supplies this year.  I could open my own store…but we will probably go and pick up a few new items anyway, because school supplies are fun.   (It’s the REAL reason we all homeschool and you know it)

Anyway…we live in a new house now.  It’s new to us anyway.  It’s actually 94 years old, and although it’s in good condition for 94, we are definitely having to learn some new habits.  We’ve had a couple of rails come off in our hands and a porch swing fell out of the beautiful old ceiling, after hanging it in a manner that was unnatural and needed a carpenter to begin with, and I knew better, but I was just so anxious to get it up there, so now I have a bit of a crack in the old wood up there and an opening that I can’t fix and I’m so mad at myself every time I look at it, but I guess I just have to stop looking at it and sit down in my porch rocker and… enjoy… the… birds….

We will be looking for a new church and new places to do new things.  We didn’t want to leave where we were, but "circumstances" brought us here.  I remember the first time we moved far away from our hometown.  I looked up at the night sky and knew how silly it was to wonder if God would find us there, but I wondered it anyway.  We’ve finally moved to a place that we consider more settled rather than transient, but I often miss all the places we lived that we called home.  We took time to find our favorite things to do and stores to shop. 

 I miss all of that stuff, but we have to start all over again. 

It’s okay, though.  At the moment, we are distracted by our beautiful house and the delightful donuts from the bakery around the corner.



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