1 & 2 Timothy – Starting Again

Because of our recent move, all of our regularly scheduled programming around here was no longer regular and definitely not scheduled.  The kids are now doing their own bible studies.  Our 12yo is reading through the book of Proverbs this month, one chapter a day.  Our 16yo said she has already read through Proverbs twice and will be reading through Luke this month.  I am starting 1 Timothy again and I’m writing it out in my notebook, but I’m adding another great component to the writing, which I’m going to explain…right…now….


This fall, we’ve been learning the techniques from the IEW writing program. (Click link if you’re interested)  And I’m attempting to create a keyword outline with each paragraph in my bible study.  I can see this is really sinking me into understanding the text.  For example, this morning I was trying to think of how to break down the following part of a verse into the fewest keywords and symbols:

"As I besought thee to abide still at Ephesus…"

I thought a good break-down would be:

Paul (eye symbol) (arrow pointing to…) Timothy, Abide @ Ephesus

So, when I read my own outline, I would say that Paul was looking to Timothy to live at Ephesus.  And that alone makes me ask why?  And that leads me to the next portion of the text:

"…when I went into Macedonia, that thou mightest charge some that they teach no other doctrine."

…which could be broken down this way:

Paul (arrow pointing to…) Macedonia, Timothy, lightning bolt, "doctrine" inside a circle with a line through it.

So, Paul went to Macedonia, leaving Timothy to "charge" others not to teach any other doctrine.  Other…hmmm…other than what?  More questions and more answers ahead.



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