…and getting our heads chopped off.

Today, I’m watching the former vice-presidential candidate being sold-out by her own party.  If she and her running mate had won, would we all be talking today about how "historic" this election was?  She would have been the first woman vice president, but she doesn’t fit, does she?  Why?  I read a commentary by an Obama voter, laughing about how Sarah Palin is being sold out by her own party and lied about and criticized and harrassed.  As funny as it is to him, it is nonetheless true, and I am just cynical enough to believe that it was the plan from the start, to rid the Republican party of the "undesirables".   This is a painful lesson for Christians who trusted a worldly system, with which to partner.  It’s painful and at the same time, liberating.  All of the political compromising over social issues has compromised the gospel of Christ. 

If you know me and are reading my blog today, please understand this:  The world we live in is a sinking ship.  It is unredeemable by anyone, except Christ alone.  It is wonderful when a group of people can throw off the bonds of slavery and oppression, but it is not a victory when we turn around and oppress someone else, instead.  Today, thousands of American babies…black, white, hispanic, male, female, disabled or not…will be slaughtered at their most vulnerable.  Of the candidates that we had to choose from this election season, only one on both presidential tickets was unabashedly commited to the sanctity of human life.  Today, she is being called ignorant and a hillbilly and criticized and belittled, with no one to defend her in the press, but herself. She is a married woman with children. An openly Christian woman, with a life and struggles that are indentifiable by many, many other Christian women.  But through her struggle since she was nominated and then betrayed, I have learned this: For the gospel of Christ, God’s word says He will give us strength and joy to withstand persecution and hardship.  I do not believe God intends for us to suffer for a political party.  Whatever it is you assumed I believed because of my party affiliation, you need to talk to me instead and let me actually answer your questions instead of talking AT me. 

That said, you really won’t need to assume my beliefs.  I won’t have a party affiliation.  Now, let’s talk. 

I changed my mind.  We can talk later.  The junk I’m reading in the media is getting worse, less true and irresponsible.  I’m taking a break.


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