Ups and Downs

I took an unintentional break from blogging in November.  We had planned to join the whole family for Thanksgiving, but I was scheduled to work and couldn’t get out of it.  So, we chose to all stay home instead of having everyone go except me.  We had some special family visitors come on my days off, and we had such a nice time playing games and talking and eating. 

There was some sadness, too.  Our kitty was killed in the street right in front of our house, just a few days before Thanksgiving.  His picture is now heading this blog.  His name was Smokey and he was our only pet.  I miss him so much.

We’ve had some other company as well and we’ve gone out and done some visiting of our own.  We’ve had some friends over for a movie night and grandparents have come for a visit.  We’ve gone here and there and now we’re looking at an extended time of being home, being here in town and facing more defined choices.  We’ve had one foot in our old neighborhood and one foot in our new neighborhood, committing to nothing in particular, but now it’s time to face a new year and new disciplines. 

Christmas is nearly here and each day we set out new decorations as we do our Advent Jesse Tree devotions.  Rather than activity levels increasing closer to Christmas, I feel this year that things are quieting down.  For each night’s devotion, we read the devotion and hang the ornament in front of the fire and then we pray and sit quietly for a time, meditating on God’s word and the devotion.  I am surprised at how difficult it has been for us to do this.  We are not a quiet family, I guess.    But it’s gotten easier and we look forward to it. 

Take a look at the link above for the Advent Jesse Tree book.  Our homeschool group has done this together this year.  25 people committed to making 25 of one style of ornament.  Then, we all exchanged ornaments so that we now have 25 different ornaments each.  Starting on December 1st, we read a devotion from the book and hang the ornament.  If you want to do this yourself, you don’t even need the book.  You can search online for Advent tree or wreath projects.

Right now, I need to get off the computer and go get more Christmas decorations from the basement.



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