One Computer + Five People = No Time For Blogging!

We need a new computer.  We used to have 2 computers that didn’t work very well, but at least we could work out the usage time among the 5 of us.  I’m thankful that we were able to get one up and running very, very well.  I have enough time on the internet to check my e-mail, pay bills and take a brief look at the news, but I haven’t had much time to spend on blogging….

As I mentioned in December, we lost our one pet.  We miss him very much and often at the end of my work days, I wish I could come home and sit on the couch with Smokey in my lap and pet his paws.  When we moved here to this new house last summer, although he got very sick on the car ride, he loved his new home.  Next door, there was a black cat named Rerun.  Rerun used to come over and eat Smokey’s food, so we had to bring the food inside, but the two cats seemed to become friends.  Many times I would call for Smokey and I would look next door and see him and Rerun lounging on the porch stairs or they would be laying around under the bushes in the front yard to keep cool.  The day after Smokey was killed, I looked out the front door and saw Rerun sniffing around on our front porch. 

About a week before Christmas, I was out talking to our neighbor and he said, "Well, our cat met the same fate as your cat."  I suddenly realized how sad their little girl was that day.  The night before, Rerun had been hit by a car, but they rushed him to the vet to try and save him.  It didn’t end well.  I told the girl how sorry I was and I told them how Rerun had come looking for Smokey on Thanksgiving and the father said, "Well, I think he found him now." 

We’ve talked a lot about getting another cat, but I don’t think we’re going to do that right now.  We are thankful that we had Smokey for 4 years.  He’s buried in our backyard and we’re going to plant a tree out there for him.  I suggested we plant a flowering dogwood!  


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