Sanctity of Life Sunday – Blue Eyes Like Janey

Blue Eyes Like Janey’s – David Huff

We were so young
And only playing around
And I was ready for adventure
Not for settling down
So when Janey told me she was pregnant
And that she wanted to be my wife
I said wait a minute Janey
We’re only seventeen
We’re just starting out our young lives
Let’s keep our heads together girl
Let’s look at all of our options
But we both new what the choices where
There was abortion or adoption
And the doctor we say, he said it wasn’t really life
Just a formless mass of cells
So Janey and I, we made our choice
And we promised that we’d never tell
But leaving the clinic, we heard some talk
And it shattered our little world
The doctor was telling the nurses
That the baby was a girl
Would she have brown hair
Did she have blue eyes
I’ve tried to imagine what she would look like so many times
Would she be a tall girl
The questions on my mind
Did she have blue eyes like Janey’s
And brown hair like mine
I say Janey just the other day
In a prolife movement line
We were in front of the court house steps
Praying and carrying signs
And Janey came up to talk to me
And there were tears in her blue eyes
She said there has been millions of innocent babies
Like ours have already died
And I can’t stand on the sidelines anymore
And watch that number grow
Not after what you and I’ve gone through
Not knowing what we know
I still wake up late some nights
And think I hear her call my name
And I still have her photograph
In an empty picture frame

…and here’s a youtube version at this link.


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