Inauguration Day

Not sure what I’ll be doing at noon today…but I know what I won’t be doing.  I won’t be blowing up anything, looting anything, threatening to move to France (although I did see a really cool show about castles in France that would be great fun to run around in for a couple of years) or otherwise crashing the party.  I may do my own ‘sackcloth and ashes’ thing, especially after a very sobering sanctity of life Sunday service at church.  This is a day of celebration for many and a sad day for many.  It’s not like the ‘big game’ coming up.  I’m thrilled to see Kurt Warner take the Cardinals to the *****bowl, but if they lose to the Steelers, I’ll be disappointed because my guy didn’t win. Today I am not disappointed.  I am grieving many things today.   I know that God moves the heart of those in authority to do his will and those in authority are God’s agents.  Have we chosen our own bondage?  Have we chosen our own judgment?  Are we celebrating color and design and fashion, while substance and foundation are being destroyed?

I saw something interesting yesterday that set my mind to thinking about grieving, and what we do to ourselves when we can’t look ahead, but are constantly looking behind and trying to soothe our hurting heart.  I will be blogging about that, starting tomorrow.


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