Getting Ready for Blogoversary

I have bunches of stuff I’m doing that isn’t noticeable to anyone but me, here.  I’m adding some new links and taking away old links and finishing the bible study I started and reviewing places and activities and reading material. I’m making sure all past blog posts are categorized and trying to fill in some of the gaps.  I have all kinds of digital material that belongs on my blog, but I have neglected to put everything together.  New stuff happens every day and I try to capture as much as possible on paper or with pictures, but I’m fortunate to get the pics up on photobucket or on the hard drive before we start a new adventure.

Recently, we had a doozy of an ice storm.  We were without full power for weeks.  It was a fun time and yet a not so fun time.  The picture in the header of my blog is of one of our trees.  It was beautiful, as you can see.  The kids played a lot out in the snow and we did our cooking over an open fire.  But without electricity, we got behind on a lot of stuff.  I was already lagging behind on my blog, because we were struggling along with only one computer that had internet.  It was a frankenstein monster of a computer, as I have all kinds of junk in there that I added when it needed to be "upgraded".  Now, it is riddled with conflicts and won’t even turn on, so we had to finally buy a new computer. Buying a large ticket item like a computer is another one of those fun times and yet not so fun times.  But going without internet isn’t the big tragedy that we make it out to be, now is it? 

Well, I need to get to bed.  I’ll be back soon.


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