The Truth Teller

"The truth teller, as Socrates predicted long ago, will have his eyes gouged out. So it has been.  So it will always be.  We don’t gouge eyes out nowadays, not in civilized society.  We merely tell the man who turns from the broad road to the narrow that he is hung up, not in touch with his feelings, a do-gooder, a party pooper, holier than thou—any label that will exonerate the rest of us of the responsibility of being Christ-like.  We pity his naivete, his narrowness ,his unreality, never suspecting tht there could be in our midst a few whose minds are set on things above because their lives are his with Christ."

– Elisabeth Elliot Discipline, The Glad Surrender

This is my last blog post for awhile.  My media fast is starting a bit late, but I almost got pulled into reading a story about whether or not the Obamas committed a faux pas with the queen.  *sigh*

I’m going away to get off the broad road and seek the narrow.


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