Happy and Healthy New Year

Well, Christmas is over and 24 hours from now, it’ll be time to pack it up and put it away. My family has always kept our Christmas decorations up through to the new year.  In Chicago, the weather and the city continues to cooperate and it still feels like Christmas throughout the entire month of December.  Even though Christmas was over, Emilee and I shopped at Macy’s downtown and were treated to Christmas music, decorations and after-Christmas sales. Of course "sale" is a relative term.  After all, we were shopping at a downtown department store with 5 or 6 floors.  A particular item of clothing we were shopping for was $65-$80 at Macy’s…we later found the same item at Target for $24. 


 But we had a great time.  Thanks to my Dad, we were able to get hot dogs, fries and Italian beef sandwiches without breaking the bank.  For 6 of us, we spent about $60, all for the experience of eating it at Portillos on Ontario the day after Christmas. 

We’ve been home for a few days and I’m anxious to put everything away and get back to normal, but sickness was threatening to get us all down and huddled under the covers, missing life for a week or more.  Emilee was the first to feel sick.  She had a sore throat, but she has been trained well.  The first thing she asked me was, "Where’s the garlic?"  IMMEDIATELY, as soon as we feel sickness coming on, we go to the fresh garlic.  It’s important that it is fresh and raw.  We peel off the papery peeling from at least 2 cloves and take with milk, like you would take a pill.  If the cloves are very large, we cut them or crush them and put them on a spoon with honey.  I use raw honey, which you can buy at Kroger or a health food store.  I did this as well, and execept for some nose blowing, Emilee and I are doing just fine. 

Ryan on the other hand got the stomach flu after spending Monday evening with a bunch of guys at a Christmas party.  At 5am yesterday, he couldn’t stop heaving.  I went out to Kroger and bought fresh ginger root and a lemon, 2 bottles of Lifeway Kefir, 3 boxes of Horizon Organic Yogurt tubes…and eggnog. (The doctor needs to keep up her strength)  I simmered an ounce of grated ginger root in a quart of water for 10 minutes.  Then I strained a cupful and added lemon juice and honey.  Ryan drank a sip and it made him heave again.  When he settled down, he drank half a cup and promptly fell asleep for a few hours.  When he woke up, he was really thirsty and tried to drink plain water, but he threw it up.  He drank some more ginger tea and after an hour or so, he tried the kefir.  He never threw up again for the rest of the day.  He ate several yogurt tubes and by evening, he was only slightly feverish, but hungry enough to eat a burrito at Taco Bell.  This morning, he is his usual self.  He came bounding downstairs to tell me that he is a "success story".

The rest of us are feeling quite well and never got either a cold or stomach flu.  I urged everyone to wash hands and I wiped down surfaces with windex.  Today we are washing linens. 

I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!



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