Official Start of our Accountability Blog!

Well, I’ve tested it and it works well.  I really like it a lot, but I want to make sure this will work for everyone.  I tried to think of a way to do it by e-mail that would be easy to update where everyone’s additions would be added in real time and easily viewable.  The blog is a PRIVATE blog only viewable by whomever I invite.  Invitees today include Mark, myself, Emilee, Ryan, Mike and Grandma Morgan.  So that no one has to try and figure out WordPress or how to mess around with the account, you can send in your updates via e-mail.  I tested one and even attached a picture and it came through great.  The e-mail address to update the blog is … You can also call in your update and a sound file will post to the blog.  I tested this one and it worked great too.  Here’s the info: +1 (713) 574-9075  At prompt, enter: 9413356 …

This should be fun! 

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