Dear Tummy: Can’t we just get along?

I’ve struggled with my digestion for a few years now.  I had 3 scans until they finally confirmed that it was my gall bladder.  Since I am a strong proponent of natural remedies, surgery ranks at the bottom of of my priority list.  Through trial and error, I’ve found something that seems to be helping.  It’s called Detox +.  It’s basically a mixture of “stuff” that looks like a bag of dirt.  I put a teaspoon in a half a cup of juice every morning, drink it and all is well.  Last night I came home from work feeling pretty sick.  I thought I was going to lose both my lunch and dinner. 😉  But I took my Detox + in juice and within 15 minutes I was just fine.  This morning I am completely better.  Here’s a link: Detox +


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