Spur of the Moment

Blacklight Golf @ Coolectors Mall

So, yesterday was a busy day.  It was my day off work and those are always wall to wall busy.  My husband and I spent the morning out shopping and lunching and having a nice Valentine’s Day together.  Then when I got home, I needed to rest a little before I did a few things with the kids.  The older two were in and out with their own activities, so I told our 10yo son Derek that we could do something before I had to leave later to go out to dinner with Dad.  He asked if we could head over to the comic book and collectibles store, which is a few streets away from our house.  We’ve lived here for almost 3 years and I’ve never ventured into that store.  My older kids said it really wasn’t a great place to hang out, but I figured we could brave it for a few minutes.  There was no one in there except the young man behind the counter.  We looked at toys for awhile until I saw a sign that said Blacklight Golf and an arrow was pointing up a flight of stairs.  I asked about it and he said, “Yes!  It’s $4 a person, but today we have a buy one get one free special for Valentine’s day”.  So, Derek and I went upstairs to look around and it looked like fun.  We went back down and rented a couple of clubs, then headed upstairs again.  It was just us.  I took a few pictures…looks like Tron right? 😉  Well, we had a fun time playing and then looking around at more toys, and thankfully most of that time we were alone in the store, because as soon as the “strange” people started filtering in, Derek says “Yeah Ryan is right.  We should only come in here during the DAY!”

Update 4/2012: Coolectors mall is now closed and the building sold. 😦



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