Hurricane of progress…

I thought I lost my whole blog!

It’s been nearly a year since I updated my blog.  I’ve been mostly using Facebook anyway and I figured I would go back and try to retrieve my blog at some point.  I was using for a long time and then they changed over to a WordPress format and although I saved the html that I had worked so hard to create, it wasn’t an automatic cut-and-paste deal and I’ve tried and failed a few times this past year. Reecently. I helped my youngest son start his own blog here on WordPress, getting to know the way it works, and was inspired to try and get mine back up and running.  What an ordeal!  I almost gave up and started a new one, but I decided to try to work harder.  It was worth the effort for me, even though it felt a lot like ‘hacking’ to get everything back.  Some of my picture and video links from past posts are broken and my beautiful array of storytelling and educational links are currently lost in a maze of html. So, I have my work cut out for me.

This year things are quite different than last year. Our oldest graduated from high school in the spring and started college full-time. She’s still living at home and tries to confine classtime to half days which makes the change less extreme. She finally finished her storytelling CD which you can see in the sidebar of this blog under “Storytelling” and you can click on the link to her CD on itunes here. Our 14yo son did all the music on his sister’s CD and has decided to join her at college, taking dual credit classes in carpentry 4 days each week. This means my school hours are devoted to schooling our 9yo son Derek and we’ve had a nice time together when we can sit down and actually do school! Our learning style varies between relaxed homeschooling and unschooling, using curriculum materials as a source of learning rather than a schoolmaster. So, I raided my dusty school shelves for things that we might use to get this party started. We move the school area around from the diningroom, to a corner in Derek’s room, to the livingroom or wherever there’s plenty of light and comfortable places to sit. We bought an 8ft white board for writing and drawing (thanks to the suggestion by Andrew Pudewa on an IEW DVD) and our resident carpenter student cut it in half so it would fit better. He took the other half to his room. 😉 So, here’s a list of what we’re using and counting as educational:

Sonlight 4 – Teacher’s Manual (Reading and History)

Sonlight Timeline (History)

Mark-it Map (Geography)

Times Tables (Math)

Life of Fred (Math & Science)

Getty Dubay Italic Handwriting

Tapestry of Grace – Map of the Humanities

KJV Bible with new tabs! (Yay!)

Awana/T&T Book

Family History – (Teacher – Grandparents)

Presidents ( Teacher- Dad)

Nancy Drew PC Games (Critical Thinking…with Dad & Brother)

Adventures in Odyssey – Books on Tape

Cap Gardner & Legion park (PE)

Drawing, drawing and more drawing!

Piano & Kidz Choir (Music)

Wishbone (Getting to know the classics)


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