Romans Road – 5

Romans 6:23 – “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord”

– Read and Memorize Romans 6:23
– Read Romans Ch. 6
– Write Romans 6:20-23 in your journal
– Pray

My Prayer: Today is Wednesday – Praying for missions

Father in heaven, I reach out my prayers today beyond the world I touch and see every day. Father I pray for those who are out in the highways and the hedges sharing the gospel and ministering to the sick and the poor. This week we read about the China Inland Mission, now the Overseas Missionary Fellowship. They’re prayer request now is for over 400 new workers to be prepared and ready to go to East Asia bringing the gospel. Lord, provide for this ministry. Your word says that the harvest is white but the workers are few. I pray specifically for a family living, preaching the gospel, baptizing and ministering in homes. I lift them up quietly before men but boldly before your throne. You know who they are and about their needs. Holy Spirit intercede on my behalf. Lord, I pray for our church missionaries to the Phillipines, that they would remain strong as a family. I pray for those to whom they minister, that many would be saved and discipled. Lord, I lift up Saji and Moni Lukos and Reaching Indians Ministries International. What a blessing to read their focus and vision statement! I am especially encouraged by these tenents: “Christ before career”, ” “Character before ministry”, “Unity before Growth” and “People before Program”. I pray these would remain and continue to strengthen all that they do and that the churches that start under their ministry would stay true to the gospel. And Lord, I pray for No Greater Joy ministries and their Good and Evil project. Their goal is to translate their bible stories book into 100 languages. I pray for wisdom for this ministry and that the book would reach and teach millions the gospel and about the one true God. Father, I pray for the prisoners who have received this book and been saved. Finally today, I pray for the missionaries that are located in areas where governments are falling. I pray for the gospel of Christ to spread like wildfire.


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