Modifying My Annual Media Break

My habit has been to break from the media every spring. I started this several years ago when I was an active participant in an online forum of homeschool moms. I found that winter often became an intense time of debate over difficult issues and spring was the perfect time to break and stop participating in the frustrating conversations in which I often found myself. Looking back now, the intensity usually started right before election season and continued through with heated discussions about Christmas and then lent and then Passover and Easter and the Lord’s supper and the protestant reformation and the Lord’s Day or not. I would often promise myself that I wouldn’t go back to that forum and I could hold out for several months or even a year, but then I ended up back there. The last two years, I’ve been on Facebook and that has changed my habits. I haven’t visited that online forum since Facebook, but last year, when I started my media fast, I failed. I found reasons to read posts, so I promised myself I would just read and not reply. Then I replied once and told myself I would just read and OCCASSIONALLY reply, but not post a status. But then I would read a particularly pointed verse in scripture that I felt needed to be shared immediately and so I would post it and tell myself that I could post, but only post scripture…and then I would check back to see if anyone replied, and if so, I would reply and start a conversation and all this interaction on Facebook would keep me seeing the posts and links that were news related and I remained distracted and didn’t feel that I had taken any break whatsoever.

So, I’m not sure what to do this year. April 1st is tomorrow. I use Facebook as a communication tool like the phone or e-mail. Every day, every hour, every moment will have to be a question of what is neccessary and what isn’t.

No news today
No more FB today

I won’t abandon my blog just yet as it is helping me focus today, but what is my focus? My focus is to spend the time I am not using up on games and reading news and chatting with friends to pray and draw near to the Lord.

Father in heaven, I draw near to you in prayer this morning. It’s Thursday and on this day, my prayers are directed at the church….not the church building and the people who go there, but to your church, your body, your bride. Lord, I pray for your church in this time of distraction and scattered thoughts. Draw us to you and help us narrow our focus to seeking first your kingdom and your righteousness. I pray now for some special requests. Holy Spirit intercede for the needs of our music minister and his wife and son. Their son is very ill and they are far away from home. I also pray for family that will be traveling this weekend. Father, carry them safely to their destination. I pray for my husband’s health this weekend. Give me wisdom as I take care of his needs and I pray for help in speedily taking care of problems that could turn into a hospital visit if they aren’t helped soon. I pray also for my daughter and her pain when walking. Direct us that we won’t be running from one doctor to another, with no relief. Teach me more to pray without ceasing, to pray in all things and give thanks in all things. Following you Lord, I have been looking at my feet walking the path and lagging far behind, when I should be looking you in the eye.


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