Media Fast 2012


“The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms…”

Today is the first day of my media fast, which will last until the end of April. Every year when I start one, I am usually so weary of the news that I think I will never read another news story again. This year I don’t feel quite so weary. Oh, there’s no doubt I’m tired of a certain spin put on stories by the usual suspects, but I’ve been seeing much light at the end of the tunnel in getting the truth out to millions through social media. Issues that have struggled to be heard are getting a good hearing. The harsh reactions can be disheartening, but sincere, thoughtful people are listening and responding, too. I’ll be taking a break from reading all news and from using Facebook, anyway. I don’t typically watch TV much anymore. So, that won’t be an issue.

Well, where am I headed? Deep in prayer, I hope. I want to know the trust and contentment in the Everlasting Arms. My days have been much too much running around, and there is so much that lies ahead this year. It’s a time of transition.


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