Moving a Blog

I’m so excited! I moved my blog from it’s previous location to WordPress. I had mentioned in previous posts that I was so disappointed to have lost much of my formatting and gained giant ads at the end of my blog posts at the previous host site. I didn’t even have the option to pay to remove the ads. I’m usually aware of the technical aspects of fixing something like that, but I have had so little time to read the support pages and make the changes that I just abandoned everything until my schedule opened up. I thought moving the blog would be difficult, but it was as easy as downloading an export file of the blog and importing it here. I found the options in the Tools setting. Fortunately, the previous site was using WordPress and the export file was an easy cut and paste. Speaking of cut and paste, I’m working on a blog post of my attempt at a composition book art journal. I found the instructions at this site:

Little Boo Blue

I love her tutorials. I have been journaling for many years and am pleased to see someone run with her creativity like this. Plus, I like any excuse to go to Hobby Lobby or Blick Art Materials and buy stuff.


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