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Several years ago, our family was introduced to the world of storytelling.  Our previous experience with storytelling had been library programs for preschoolers and episodes of Barney the Dinosaur that included storytellers.  But at the urging of our librarian, a storyteller herself, we followed her into a world of creative professionals that were doing everything that we were doing at home, out in PUBLIC!  And, I might add, getting paid.  Astounding.

Many people are not sure exactly what storytelling is, and it’s much easier to demonstrate than to explain.  A few summers back, at the Smoky Mountain Storytelling Festival, one of the featured storytellers was Andy Offutt Irwin.  He tells hilarious stories, plays the guitar and sings and he taught a few of the workshops for the youth.  About storytelling, he says “I look at storytelling as a form of theater. I’m on stage doing what I’ve done for…

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