Pinterest Links

If you use Pinterest at all, I’m sure you noticed that the links on some of the pins go to spam sites. I tried to just delete the link, but for some reason I was unable to do that. I decided to link to my blog. I haven’t done the crafts and I’m not offering a tutorial on how to complete these hand made items. I’m sure the pictures belong to someone else, but in the interest of not sending a follower of mine to a porn site or some other spam, I’m posting them here.

This first picture was pinned by Phoenix Commotion. They build with recycled and salvaged materials. Their craftmanship is surprisingly innovative, and often humorously so. I don’t know if they created this table top, or just repinned it because it was made with recycled materials. Even so, if you use Pinterest, find theirs and follow. They pin some cool stuff.

This next picture was entitled Vintage Jewelry Mirror. I found this to be interesting, because we have a good bit of vintage jewelry inherited from grandma. I thought about trying my luck on Etsy, but I have little time to devote to that. I can certainly wield a hot glue gun faster than fiddling around with online sales.

Now that I’m posting this picture, I see now in very small print at the bottom that this picture should link to The Crafting Chicks. I will restore that on Pinterest.

I’m not sure why this link was flagged as spam. It goes to Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas blog. She has giveaways, contest and ads on her blog. Nothing unusal. I like links to easy science experiments and crafts and quick lessons to use when homeschooling. We have books, but the quick stuff is fun and helpful to break it up and give me ideas when there are ‘moods’. There was one today, and I used one of the pins to do a quick science lesson using a 3D diagram. I’ll be writing about that in another blog post. It’s interesting how the ‘mood’ and diagram turned into an object lesson.


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