Summer’s End

Yep, summer ends in July. It’s back to school. As we prepare for the start on Wednesday, August 1st, we’re practicing our schedule. I remember reading somewhere about a military school that had it’s students start their school schedule a month early to practice all of the routines before everything went ‘live’. I thought this was genius, but I’ve never been able to incorporate it. We’re trying it now. The first day seems to always get off to a late start. I didn’t sleep well as usual, but we got started anyway and did everything we could work into the morning. I saw on Pinterest that a friend had created boards to fill with the materials she was using for each child’s schoolyear. I praised her idea and started my own. We use a wide variety of materials and media that pop up at the last minute to learn and explore, so my board is going to be less of a wishlist or lesson plan and more of a chronicle of what was already done and used. The photo above shows one of our routines that we started last semester. I only have one student at home now and he is shy, so it’s the perfect opportunity to learn how to speak in front of others since he only has to speak in front of me. He gives a short presentation each morning of anything he wants to present. I also present and during the presentation, the listener(s) put away all electronics and any other things that may distract and give the presenter his/her full attention. This morning he showed off his new iPad and demonstrated the features of an application he recently downloaded. I then did a presentation on one of the books I’m currently reading. I’ve never read Moby Dick and I added it to my summer reading list this year. I demonstrated how I am reading it on Kindle on my iPhone and that I have it included in my list of books. I explained details about the book such as number of pages, the author, a synopsis and I read an excerpt. Derek smirked through the whole presentation and noted at the end that he has heard of many references to this book and never knew what they were about until now. I think this is going to be one of my favorite routines in our day.


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