Lessons from War

“One of the ploys the allies used when they descended onto the French countryside was lifelike rubber dummies that were attached to parachutes and had firecrackers built into them, so that they exploded as they hit the ground or were fired upon. Hundreds of thousands of these dummies were dropped simultaneously in various locations in order to draw German fire. Many of the Germans spent valuable ammunition on these soldiers descending by parachute, not realizing that they were really shooting at rubber dummies. The actual attack was taking place elsewhere while these mock paratroopers were exhausting the arsenal and the artillery of the German attack. I shook my head in disbelief seeing the obvious application for Christendom. I wonder when we stand before God, whether the most painful moment may be when we hear how much of our time we wasted shooting at rubber dummies, how much energy of soul and mind we expended on distracting issues and people, while the real plunder was taking place in unguarded nerve centers.” – Ravi, Zacharias, Lessons from War


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