Eat to Live – Last Post of 2012

This is only my second post on this subject, but it’s also my last one of the year. I’m taking a break from all internet and Facebook until school starts back again in mid-January. I try to take a break every year at least once, and I feel like taking a break right now. I’m guessing a lot of people feel that way. 😦

I decided to post a little update, as I have been working on the principles outlined in Eat to Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrmann. As I mentioned previously, I was going to join the Eat to Live community, but I haven’t done that yet. At the moment, I’m incorporating all of the good stuff that makes up the 90% of the eating plan, but the 10% is still hanging around, taking up at least 50% of my meals! However, even adding the good stuff has made a change in the way I feel. I was talking to a lady at work who had previously been in charge of a weight loss contest at work. I told her about this book and she already knew about Dr. Fuhrmann from something she watches on TV. She and I are planning to encourage each other and try to make a go of this.

Have a great Christmas, New Year or other holidays you celebrate. 🙂


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