Blogtober 1st – A Day in the Country

46800_1499882651626_7287_nIt’s that time of year again. We will be headed to the lodge for some fishing, food and family fun. It’s become a reunion of sorts. I can’t wait. We live in a city and have become accustomed to instant communication. It’s unnerving at first to be secluded, with bad cell phone reception. My mountain and country friends are probably laughing right now. (It wouldn’t be the first time.) Tonight, I got off work early and had to wait for a ride home. My cell phone was dead and I didn’t have a cord. My ride was late. The clock tower struck 9. The street was nearly empty. I walked back in the building and called Ryan’s cell phone and it went right to voice mail. Hmm. He was probably talking to someone. 🙂 I tried to call my husband and I got his voice mail. Our house phone is no more. That seems to be a common occurrence now. I know this by the calls at work:

“Yeah, I need DJ Thibodeaux in New Iberia, LA”, “I’m sorry sir, there’s no listing”, “WHAT! I KNOW THEY LIVE THERE AND I KNOW THEY HAVE A PHONE!”, “I am sorry, but they might just use a cell phone instead of a land line anymore.” , “WHAT?!? Oh, yeah. You’re right. I do that too. ‘click'”

Anyway, as I was saying, we are headed out to the country next week and I’m really looking forward to it. We like to go fishing out on the little pond. There’s a small boat we can row around with…not like the pond is big enough to need to use a boat. It’s like rowing in a bathtub, but it’s still pretty fun. The last time, we couldn’t find the oars, so we paddled with a 2×4 we found lying in the grass. I hope we have nice weather the days we are there, but even if it rains, it will be so great to be with our family again.

Speaking of rain, I must have rain on the brain the last few days. Derek and I went walking in the rain yesterday. We managed to walk a mile and came home pretty damp. I was still thinking about it tonight at work when the calls were coming few and far between. That song by LeAnn Rimes came to mind, “I need you like water, like breath, like rain”. It’s hard to believe that song is 13 years old. Wow. Anyway, I had a fleeting memory of driving in the rain while listening to that song. It made me feel both lonely and happy and content at the same time. I still feel it. I looked up the song on YouTube to hear it again and see the original music video. I don’t recommend the video. It’s not very well done. LeAnn’s clothes and makeup for the first 3/4 of the video are hideous. Who picked those? I looked up the song on Wikipedia. Her clothes are mentioned in the description of the video, except the article says her outfit changed 2/3 of the way through. I overestimated, probably because they were so hideous. (Once again, I get sidetracked.) So, the song is billed as a Christian song. Very interesting. I didn’t know this. While I was playing it, Mark walked by and he said he really liked the song a lot. I know now why it makes me feel conflicting emotions. Mark and I used to work in our little apartment together in St.Louis and listen to Delilah on the radio and this was one of the songs that played at the time. It was a nice time. We loved St. Louis. Emilee and Ryan were 8yo and 4yo in 2000 and Derek was born in 2001. I would turn the clock back in a heartbeat.

So, back to work and waiting for a ride. I was standing out there in the dark…well, except for the streetlights and building lights and parking lot lights, but the SKY was dark. So, there. The minutes seemed to click by soooooo sloooooow. I considered walking home. I went back in and called the numbers again. Nope. I went back out. I waited. I went back in and called again. This time I left a message. I sounded a bit cranky, I know. I marched back outside and here he comes. He pulled in the drive. I got in the van. He said, “Oh. You said eight-forty five.” I said, “Yeah, where were you? I waited, um, 15. Minutes. Hm.” He said, “I was doing my schoolwork and I didn’t notice the time. The work was really interesting and I would like to tell you about it, but now is probably not a good time. Because you’re mad, or something.” 🙂 15 minutes. I waited. And was mad. Not really. I mean, that would be silly.


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