Blogtober 7th – Lake Baikal

1b - Baikal SealLake Baikal is located in eastern Siberia. Yep, that’s Russia. The really cold part. I was fascinated with the details of this lake and found them compelling enough to encourage me to visit. I don’t know if that will ever happen, but I was telling my parents about this lake over the weekend and I said, “I read it doesn’t reach much over 50 degrees ever, but I read that there are people who live there. The website I read said that little old ladies in babushkas stand out by the road selling smoked fish.” My mom said, “That sounds like a place dad would want to go!” I said, “I know! I immediately decided dad and I need to take a field trip there.”

Here are some of the facts:

– Deepest lake in the world 1632m deep

– On a good day, lake is so clear you can see up to 40m deep

-1/5 of all fresh water in world here, largest location of fresh water

-640 km long containing 27 islands, most uninhabited

-More than half the species here are unique to this lake

-More than 300 streams and rivers flow in, but only one outlet (Angara)

– For 5 months of the year, the lake is covered by meters of ice

– Some fish live a mile below the surface and are well adapted to the pressure, but they would explode if brought to the surface

-Out of all the animals, scientist are most interested in the fresh water seals. They haven’t determined how they got here…;-)

lakebaikal banner

More pics at and more info at

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