Blogtober 8th – Feasting on God’s Word: Not Just a Stale Old Book

For School this year, Derek and I are reading through the New Testament of the bible. I wanted to share some of the things we do with that and how to make it more than just a goal, but to reach new understanding of God’s word and grow closer to Him through reading and listening and memorizing.

For iPad and iPhone, we use the YouVersion bible app. You can access the internet version by going to I enjoy this app very much. We use the King James Version for reading each day and memorizing quotes. When we begin our reading in the morning, we open up the app :

photo (1)


Next, we go to tap the bible icon and choose where to start, and in this case I chose Matthew 1:

photo (2)

photo (3)

photo (4)photo (5)In the upper right hand corner of the Matthew 1 page is the KJV button. When you tap that button, you get this screen below:

photo (6)You can see here that I have 5 recent versions that I was using and below that I had been searching for a version in German to read. There are so many versions to choose from. There are also bible plans that help keep your reading on track. I’ve used a few. I used a couple that were created by Christian music groups where they linked to their songs and provided an accompanying study with scripture. You can take notes and create your own plans.

In some of the versions, you can listen to audio of the text. The versions above in my “recently used” list show a little speaker icon on the left and that tells you if there is an audio version available. When you are in the text screen of the place you are reading, the audio icon is at the bottom of the screen. Tap that and listen to the speaker read for you. In the KJV the reader has a large, dramatic Shakespearean voice and delivery. We love that one. There are other voices and accents depending on the version:

photo (7)


For my next Blogtober post, I will begin with Matthew 1 in the New Testament. Try the app or the website or just grab the book of the shelf and let’s feast on God’s word.




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