Blogtober 11th – Walking in Obedience

“Jesus quoted a lot from the old testament scriptures but there is one book in the bible that Jesus quoted more than others and that is the old testament book of Deuteronomy, so it’s oftentimes referred to as the favorite book of Jesus. And if the number of quotations can equate to a favorite status then chapter 8 would have to be the one that played a very important role in his thinking. Because at the moment of his testing just before he was launched into ministry all of the 3 temptations that Jesus faced with the enemy of our souls, the responses that he made all 3 of them came from chapter 8. So, this would be a very defining passage of how to meet the storms of life.” – Ravi Zacharias (click to listen)

In my last entry, I posted the study plan for the reading through the first 5 chapters of Matthew. Chapter 4 includes the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. I thought it was interesting that tonight when I laid down to sleep and started listening to Ravi Zacharias, his talk referenced this passage in Matthew and linked it to Deuteronomy 8, explaining how important this book of the bible was in Jesus’ ministry.

Deuteronomy 8

Matthew 4

This kind of continuity and connection from one place to another throughout my days when I am studying scripture makes it exciting . The days become a treasure hunt as I search for ways God may be using something I read or hear to teach me new things about himself and and about his word.

Father, I love you. I’m so tired just now, but you continually speak to us through our experiences. Scripture says “The Lord grants sleep to those He loves”, so you must really love me because I can hardly keep my eyes open!


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