Blogtober 13th – Jesus is the Cornerstone

“The Bible is like an ancient treasure map directing us to truth in a book of prophecy, first concealing and then revealing truth to believers. But, like a puzzle, when the pieces all fit together, there is no doubt that you have solved the mystery and found the hidden message.” – Michael Pearl, Eight Kingdoms

Matthew – Jesus is the Son of David and Abraham
Mark – Jesus is the Son of God
Luke – Jesus is the Son of Man
John – Jesus is the Word Made Flesh
Acts – Jesus is the Power from on High
Romans – Jesus is our Salvation
1 Cor – Jesus is our Christian Ideal
II Cor – Jesus is Victory Over All Things
Galatians – Jesus is our Liberator from the Law
Ephesians – Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone
Philippians – Jesus is the Supplier of Our Needs
Colossians – Jesus is the Fullness of the Godhead
I Thess – Jesus is the Soon and Coming King
II Thess – Jesus is the Mighty Returning Messiah
I Timothy – Jesus is our Mediator
II Timothy – Jesus is our Faithful Witness
Titus – Jesus is our Blessed Hope
Philemon – Jesus is our Brother and Friend
Hebrews – Jesus is our High Priest
James – Jesus is the Source of All Blessings
I Peter – Jesus is our Chief Shepherd
II Peter – Jesus is the Coming Judge
1-3 John – Jesus is Righteous Love and Truth
Jude – Jesus is Glory, Majesty and Power
Revelation – Jesus is the Worthy Lamb of God

Bible Study:

1. Listening to Matthew 6-11
2. Studying and comparing Luke 19:11 and Matthew 25:14
3. Listening to John 1 for memorizing

Father, today you bless me again with all that you teach me. Today you have revealed many things. Lord, you are Love and our Creator, you are our Father and our Messiah and our Deliverer, The King of Kings and our Eternal Sacrifice. Thank you Jesus always and in all things.


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