Blogtober 21st – The Storm Before the Calm



I did it again. I fall for it every time. I’m content with the way things are and I don’t want them to change, but of course they do change. And then I become anxious for everything rather than being anxious for nothing. I blather on about a time when something happened in the past that sounds just like what’s happening now, and I worry. So, I blather some more. When a storm is building on the horizon, that supercharged smell in the air means change is coming. I want to just get it over with. I can’t stand the suspense.

I was cleaning tonight, on my last night of vacation. I ran across a calendar from a few years ago. It was one of those family calendars made by a sweet family member. She worked hard on it to make sure we got everyone’s picture in it. Who knew before the year was out, one of us would have gone on to be with the Lord. I remember being sad the  2 years before about missing the larger traditional family gatherings, and instead having  small get-togethers with just the immediate family. I was upset by the change, but perhaps the calmer and more intimate setting was better, considering our loss. I should be content with what we had and thankful.

History is frozen in time. We cannot change it. Everything that happened one second before now is unchangeable truth. It’s time to take inventory of that history and thank the Lord for his many, many blessings to us. No matter one’s circumstance, there are always blessings. Always. Even if we cannot see our way clear to find any, we are told to give thanks in all things and rejoice evermore.

Goodnight brothers and sisters. Encourage one another.


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