Blogtober 23rd – Getting Practical

Crayon Lincoln Logs

Crayon Lincoln Logs
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So, I just felt like diving into a bunch of practicality today. The little projects I started around the house while on vacation motivated me to keep the ball rolling. I mean, I washed curtains. CURTAINS! Shocking, I know. I did a lot of things that had been just lingering and when I leave problems just hanging around, they accumulate other problems. It’s hard to explain. I don’t know why it happens. It’s like when you lay the mail on the diningroom table, by nightfall the table is overflowing with stuff. Look at this next pic. It’s our diningroom table. The before pic is ridiculous, but its real. It was not staged, seriously.

988528_171842352992606_818394939_nAnyway, while on vacation I did a lot of the before/afters, but I didn’t take any pictures. I just did them for my own self, but it motivates me personally to do more things, and for some reason motivation is so important to accomplishing anything. If I am unmotivated or sad or depressed, I can work at things and just not get anything done. I spin my wheels and what little I accomplish is quickly undone.

So, to keep the fires burning now that I’m back to work, I started reading a little ebook I downloaded to my Kindle for iPhone entitled 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine. She starts the reader out with a 3 part assignment: 1. Complete a tiny project that takes minutes – 2. Choose a mega project and construct a game plan to tackle it in daily bite-sized pieces – 3. Complete your first day of the mega project plan. She also suggested a website called Daily Feats to add one habit change bit by bit to grow into a life change. For example, Mark and I need to make an important dietary change, but the starts and stops have been a pain in more ways than one. We haven’t established any habits yet, but just lots of good intentions.

Another website that came up and was recommended by Daily Feats is 43 Folders. The article about procrastination is a good one: Kick Procrastinations a**. Harsh rhetoric, I know, but check out his suggestion here:

“My favorite tonic for procrastination—which I have mentioned in passing previously—is what I call a dash, which is simply a short burst of focused activity during which you force yourself to do nothing but work on the procrastinated item for a very short period of time—perhaps as little as just one minute. By breaking a few tiny pebbles off of your perceived monolith, you end up psyching yourself out of your stupor, as well as making much-needed progress on your overdue project. Neat, huh?”

I love this suggestion. I already do this. Derek and I do it when things get behind and we need a little jump start to get back into the routine. He has an iPad and will take before and after pics of something that he rearranged or cleaned and send it to my iPhone when I’m at work. I do the same. I like to see results very, very quickly. I have a short attention span. Scratch that. I don’t have a short attention span. I have a short interest span. I get bored. I can still work through boredom, but I really don’t like to linger too long in one area. Even if I need to work a whole room, I have to make instant progress as quickly as possible, so I hit the easy stuff first.

Okay, so speaking of iPad, iPhone and quick progress, I want to point out another helpful item, its a neat little app called duolingo. Go ahead, click on the word there and go to the website. You don’t need an iPhone to use it. Ich spreche Deutsch, aber nicht so gut. So, Deutsch ist für mich. Espaniol? Francais? I tried out the website tonight and except for a few bugs in the voice recognition software, I made it through level 1. I’ve retained enough German for this to be a good choice for me. Ryan is working on Spanish, which I would like to add at some point. I talk to a lot of Spanish speaking customers at work and I might be more helpful if I knew more. Derek was interested in learning Italian and all of us already worked through some French with Emilee a few years ago. I would like to brush up on the basics of French so I don’t forget it.

Well, I need to be practical and get to bed. It’s very late. Have a great night!

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