Blogtober 25th – Pray For Souls

The Feast of Belshazzar - Rembrandt 1635-

The Feast of Belshazzar
– Rembrandt 1635-

“As they say, the handwriting is on the wall…” – Papaw Liam

I just watched The Comfort Zone today with Ray Comfort and Mark Spence. They played a short video entitled why we pray. The narrator said at the end that we pray not only for the persecuted, but those who persecute us. In the video there was a slide show of buildings leveled, violence and loss and a photo of a lady reading what remained of her torn and burned bible.

Time is running out for us. It’s not possible to say in what areas time is running out for you or for me. Maybe my aches and pains are more serious than just growing older. But my aches and pains aside, our culture is diving head first off a cliff. Aesthetically it may not look so, but the bridge is out and the train is off the rails, hanging silently over the ravine.

“We are a nation in moral chaos. Why shouldn’t it look and feel like it? I think it should. I think it would be better if it did…(we) erect all of these arbitrary guidelines, and distinctions without differences, and capricious rules and limits. It sets you on a path to Hell, but it takes you there slowly, and it sings you happy songs along the way. It plants the seeds of evil and self-worship into your heart, but it can not let the seeds blossom too quickly…If unborn humans are expendable, then newborn humans must be expendable; but if newborn humans are expendable, why shouldn’t older humans be seen expendable, too? What is life, after all? Life — human life — is merely the general condition of human existence. But if human existence is not particularly valuable in its earliest stages, why ought we harbor much concern for maintaining and protecting it at any other stage? …Let’s stop this madness. Turn the lights on.” – Matt Walsh, It’s Time to End the Stigma of Infanticide


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