Blogtober 28 – Winding Down a Month of Blogging


The Big Comfy Couch

If only I could set sail on this couch and see the world. I took a nap here today and woke up to one of the kids’ friends standing in the livingroom in her Halloween costume.

“I went to class as a witch. See my yellow and black tights?” She asked.

“Yes!” I said, “I’m dressed as a lady napping on a big comfy couch.”

Except I’m always that lady. I hit the couch when I get home from work. I have schoolwork to do , and its a good place to read and write and watch videos and listen to jazz. Its a good place to mull over blog posts and talk on the phone and catch up with the kids or my husband. Earlier today, my daughter and I each sat under a quilt and talked about the weekend and work and friends and family. I can open the front door and recline against the pillows and look out the glass door to the street, watching the cars go by or the rain fall.

Across the room, in front of the fireplace is a big chair. It’s my husband’s favorite chair. He likes to sit there and talk to me. He’s been listening to a book on tape for our History class, and he listens there and sips his tea, while I work on my assignments and munch a banana. Its been a sanctuary for all of my writing.

Blogging more frequently has been really enjoyable. I’ve had a few readers and I’ve kept up with others who blogged this month. I haven’t always commented, but being part of the blogging community has been a really nice creative outlet, and no grades to be concerned about! I will probably keep up the blogging, because it has sharpened my focus on bible study. I have always had a desire to study God’s word and I’ve kept a journal since I was a teenager, but assigning myself a blog post a day has kept me consistent in this area. That has been the best part overall.

So, here are a few things that I do and I just wanted to write down as much to remind me as anyone else that may be reading of why I do what I do:

1. Each post, I have been including a photo. If I have a photo that I have taken, so much the better. It turns the blog into a photo journal as well as a written journal.

2. As blogs go, I know I am a total noob, but as a journal keeper, I am old and experienced…although not organized. My journals are eclectic. Keeping a journal or blog I think should have some sort of  ‘binding’ to hold it together. I started my blog years ago as a homeschool mom. I’m still a homeschool mom, but I’m also a wife, daughter, sister and friend. But the most consistent theme through it all is that I am a Christian. I follow Christ. I am part of the body of Christ and am unashamed.

3. Set a blog schedule. This is a new one by me, but it works well to keep a writer on task. I had a conversation with my daughter today about her falling off the blog wagon weeks ago. She said she just completely lost all inspiration. I suggested she just write something utilitarian, like how to pick out a hat or the best coffee shops in town or something. We talked about a video she played for me once on TED talks. Her blog post in response to that conversation is HERE.

4. Blog milestones and rewards are a fun little thing you do for yourself. On my blog page, I keep a blogoversary counter. I’ve been blogging for 9 years. Next spring it will be 10. I’m excited. This month I also have a Blogtober badge, made by my daughter. She started this thing and we plan to do it again next fall. Here’s the LINK. I also have a badge for NaNoWriMo 2013, and I plan to participate this year.

5. Back up your blog and save it! Export a file of your blog to your hard drive and keep a copy. Do this each month so you don’t lose your work. I had to do this to move it from one site to another and it was surprisingly simple. WordPress was  very easy to work with.

And that’s it! Thanks for reading….


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