Doodle – aye -day

- Doodle Draw -

– Doodle Draw –

I start blog posts and leave them hanging without finishing. There will be a slew of them coming as I finish them up now. Sometimes they need pictures and sometimes I get going on the writing and stop mid-sentence. When I go back, I often have no idea where that train of thought was headed. I do this in my journal as well. I was looking back at some things I had written earlier in the year and one of my pages was about self-discipline and the need to finish what I start. Then I proceeded to write half a sentence and quit right in the middle. I had no idea what I was trying to say. If I did, I might have tried to finish the sentence all these months later. šŸ™‚

Above is a photo of one of my doodles. I like to draw and doodle. Someone wrote a book about it and called it Zentangle. I don’t like that word, but its what doodling is now called, at least on the Pinterest pins that I have added to my “artwork” folder. Some people combine them. Zentangle doodles. That’s better maybe. Another person calls them Zenspirations, for their creative, meditative quality. Either way, I have lots of examples of this method of drawing patterns in strategic sections, creating fascinating, sometimes complicated designs. I started a dragon on a very large sheet of paper, with various patterns, last summer. When I’m not working and homeschooling and doing my own schoolwork, maybe I will have time to doodle again. I guess Zentangle is a good description, because it is mezmerizing. It can be very relaxing when all is quiet except for some ambient music. A fun thing to try might be to doodle to different types of instrumental music.

Check out my “artwork” board on Pinterest and try something while listening to Spanish Guitar:



…or Rain:



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