What is Life?

“Some conservative Christians believe life begins at the moment of conception.”

-~Daniel Wallis, Yahoo News, October 2014~

The above quote from the article Arizona School Board Votes to Remove Pages From a Biology Textbook, about biology textbook treatments of contraception, relegates ‘Christian’ statements about when life begins, to philosophy rather than science. If a microscopic fertilized egg was found on another planet, the science community would be falling all over itself to declare they found life on other planets, but the exact moment of human life on earth has been up for intense debate between the Christian and science communities for at least 40 years. Scientifically, why is there disagreement about human life beginning at conception? Why would it not begin there? Is it even a scientific question at all? Or is it merely philosophical? Viability is the battleground now, but that brings to mind the thought that perhaps human life is not a question of life but rather a question of value. When is human life valuable and when is it not? Does this put it more in the realm of economists and policymakers? That depends on the ultimate definition of ‘value’ and  to whom we are accountable.

“…Does evolutionary biology, or do the natural sciences taken together, provide an exhaustive account of the changing world of complex organisms? It may well be that the natural sciences only concern themselves with those features of reality subject to empirical observation. Yet to conclude that there is nothing more that needs to be explained, nothing more that needs to enter into a full picture of the world, is to make a philosophical claim, not a claim itself based on empirical observation…”

Christians know God as creator and submit to his Lordship. Human life is viewed as having eternal value, because The Lord our God is a personal God and has created human life and says it has eternal value. Science is an impersonal philosophy through which the viewer observes the world.


“Biological continuity, the key to evolution, does not tell us whether or not an exclusively materialistic explanation of human nature is true…

The traditional pillars of religion that support a view of God as transcendent Creator remain unshaken by the discoveries of modern science…”

-~William Carroll, Oxford University Professor~


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