sea painting

Dear to the Frisian wife is the one

whom she welcomes,

When the vessel reaches the haven

his ship is at hand,

Her lord is come to his home,

he who provideth for her

And she summons him in;

she washes his sea-stained garments

And giveth him raiment new.

Full pleasant is it for him

Whose beloved wife waiteth for him ashore.

This last semester of school for me, I finished algebra, writing II, psychology and 3 music classes. I enjoyed all of it. Sure, there are moments where there is a lot of pressure and a lot going on. It’s hard to get all I need to get done at those times and some things have to slip through the cracks. I would not be able to enjoy school like this if I wasn’t taking classes with my husband. He and I both have a few more classes to take in the spring before we can graduate together in May. I added poetry to my schedule. I hope there are enough students taking poetry that the class will not be cancelled. That already happened before and it set us behind for graduating, but it turned out to be a good thing. We can look at this next semester with a more relaxed point of view…So, I’m taking poetry.

I’m getting a jump on my class which doesn’t begin until mid-January. The reading is perfect for evenings in front of the fireplace. (Oh, who am I kidding? I’ve had the fire on all day. Today is the first day in a long time that I haven’t had to go anywhere aaaand I’m not going anywhere.) The above poem is a sample from the early English. I found it at the start of an Abeka textbook on English literature. A Google search turns up a reference in Granger’s Index to poetry. I looked up Friesland, which is a province of the Netherlands, a few hundred miles across the North Sea from England’s shores. I clicked the link to go to Google maps and chose a vantage point near the sea. I put down my little orange Google man on Afsluitdijk


Could this be what it looked like to the Frisian wife as she watched the water for her husband’s ship to sail safely into the haven?

husband and wife

Could this look like the husband and wife?


Might this look like their home?

He is lord of their home and he provides for her. He is dear to her and He loves her. She comforts him and refreshes him. She is pleasant to him and  and she welcomes him.

I love this little poem.

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