Expectations: Trust in Jesus, Grace to People


If I become dissatisfied with my role, it is because I have developed expectations of myself and other people. This is why I like to start new things or reinvent the old all the time. A fresh look at things with no expectations except success is invigorating.  The opportunity for a failure of expectations is high though; not just our own, but those of the critics.

Lower your expectations. Lower them for yourself, for your leaders and for those under your care. Set the bar low enough for people to make it over, comfortably. I always run across the scripture “…perfect love covers a multitude of sins” at the exact moment when I have expected too much of everyone including myself. When you do raise goals for yourself or others, be ready for the challenges. Bathe it in prayer. Minister with joy in ALL that you do.  En-JOY. Think ‘joy’.  After making it through this holiday season, take it from the queen of overcommitment: Don’t overcommit! A mile wide and an inch deep is not profitable season after season.

Here’s an interesting video about expectations by the late Andreas Moritz:



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